MIM department: biomedical alloy Ti-6Al-4V has been processed successfully

Ti-6Al-4V is the biomedical Titanium alloy successfully processed via MIM by Silcon Plastic thanks to the collaboration with the University of Trento.

Tension, impact and fatigue specimens have been processed in our facilities and have shown very good mechanical behaviour with a correct control of the interstitial elements such as: oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.

The features of titanium and titanium alloys, including Ti-6Al-4V, are: high ratio between mechanical properties and density, excellent corrosion resistance in salt water and against chemical agents, high biocompatibility and a warm and optically attractive surface.

Here some some properties of MIM specimens processed in Silcon Plastic

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Figure 1 Tensile curve of Silcon Plastic MIM Ti-6Al-4V

Table 1Properties of Silcon Plastic MIM Ti-6Al-4V

Density (g/cm3) O (wt%) C (wt%) N (wt%) Ys (MPa) UTS (MPa) ε (%)
Ti-6Al-4V 4,3 0,26 0,08 0,05 797 900 14,5 %


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Figure 2 microstructure of Silcon Plastic MIM Ti-6Al-4V

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Figure 3 SEM image of fracture surface of Silcon Plastic MIM Ti-6Al4V